General Meeting of Shareholders

2017 Annual Meeting of Shareholders (March 24, 2017)


SK Namsan Green Bldg., 24 Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

Voting Rights Exercise Summary

Total issued shares 298,460,212
Total shares with
voting rights
Number of attending
Attending stocks 298,460,212
Attendance 100%


  1. Agendum 1 Approval of the Financial Statement for the Year 2016
  2. Agendum 2 Approval of the Appointment of Directors
  3. Agendum 3 Approval of the Appointment of the Members of the Audit Committee
  4. Agendum 4 Approval of Ceiling Amount of the Remuneration for Directors for the Year 2017
  5. Agendum 5 Amendment of the Severance Benefits Policy for Executives