Core Plans Bundle Discount(Giga Internet + B tv Prime)
When Giga Internet meets with B tv Prime, their rates go down
KRW 2,200 discount in total
Based on 3-year contract, Tax included

About the Plan

If you use both Giga Internet and B tv Prime, the plans SK Broadband recommends, this service provides KRW 1,100 discounts for Internet and B tv base charges, respectively. (Based on 3-Year contract, Tax included.

Benefits(Tax included)

Plans Discount amount
1-Year contract 2-Year contract 3-Year contract
Giga Internet + B tv Prime Internet base charge KRW 275 KRW 550 KRW 1,100
B tv based charge KRW 275 KRW 550 KRW 1,100
Total Discount Amount KRW 550 KRW 1,100 KRW 2,200
  • Eligible Plans

    Internet: Giga Internet/ Giga Internet Lite

    B tv: B tv Prime Catch On/ B tv Prime

Please Note

  • All new and existing customers are eligible to sign up for this service
  • If you change your pricing plans to other than Giga Internet and B tv Prime, the discounts offered by this service are no longer applicable. The discounts of this service can be overlapped with other offers such as bundling services
    (Home Bundle/Family Free/ New TV Plus, etc.) and other discount benefits.
  • If the service is cancelled during its contract term, an early termination fee will be payable.