Family Plan
Offers an additional discount to the internet service when bundled with SKT
KRW 16,390 per month
Based on Smart Direct, Tax included

About the Plan

The plan provides additional discounts to broadband internet and T mobile base charges for Internet customers who sign up to bundle the service with their T mobile.

If you bundle the internet with SKT mobile, you can save as follow:

  • Up to KRW 13,310 discount to internet base charge (Tax included)
  • Up to KRW 25,300 discount to internet base charge (Tax included, based on bounding with five lines)

Monthly Fee(Tax included,
based on 3-year contract)

Plans Base Charge Discounts
Internet Mobile Phone Internet Mobile Sum
Smart Direct 2 lines KRW 5,610 KRW 5,500 KRW 11,110
band data perfect or above KRW 14,300 KRW 19,910
3-5 lines KRW 16,500 KRW 22,110
Giga Internet Lite 2 lines KRW 11,110 KRW 5,500 KRW 16,610
3 lines KRW 16,500 KRW 27,610
4-5 lines KRW 22,000 KRW 33,110
Giga Internet 2 lines KRW 13,310 KRW 5,500 KRW 18,810
3 lines KRW 16,500 KRW 29,810
4 lines KRW 22,000 KRW 35,310
5 lines KRW 25,300 KRW 38,610

※ The benefits described above are applied based on the number of bundled T mobile lines and to the groups that maintain the Family Plan service. The suspension period of the Internet service is not included in calculating discounts.

※ The discount amount differs in tandem with the committed term of the Internet. (2-Year contract: 50% of the discounts; 1-Year contract: 25% of the discounts described above)

※ For Smart Direct customers who bundle four mobile lines or more and a second Internet line, KRW 10,000 discount is provided for the second Internet line.

  • Mobile phone rate discount

    The discount can be applied to one member of your family or evenly shared by all family members

  • If customers bundle three lines or more, including a band 3.5G line, 200MB Family Sharing Data will be provided each month

Please Note

  • How to sign up for Family Plan

    If you want to sign up for the plan, please call the Customer Center, go to a SKB vendor/ T World shop, or visit to a branch.

  • How to add mobile lines to the bundled TB Family Free group

    After you sign up for TB Family Free, you can add mobile lines to your family group.