New TV Plus
Mobile phone, B tv basic charge discount
KRW 1,100 discount for mobile phone charges
KRW 1,100 discount for B tv charges
Based on 3-year contract of B tv, Tax included

About the Plan

If you use both B tv and SKT mobile, this plan offers KRW 1,100 discounts for the two services, respectively. (Based on 3-year contract of B tv, Tax included)

Monthly Fee(Tax included,
based on 3-year contract)

Plans Discount amount
1-Year contract 2-Year contract 3-Year contract
Total Discount Amount KRW 550 KRW 1,100 KRW 2,200
Mobile phone KRW 275 KRW 550 KRW 1,100
B tv KRW 275 KRW 550 KRW 1,100

※ The discounts described above are applicable only when you are using New TV Plus service as of the end of the month.

Please Note

  • How to sign up for New TV Plus

    If you want to sign up for the plan, please call the Customer Center, go to a SKB vendor or T World shop, or visit to a branch.

  • How to terminate New TV Plus

    The service will be terminated when the representative line is terminated or suspended for 30 days or longer.

    The plan will be terminated when the name of the Internet subscriber differs from the one of the mobile subscriber or the names are changed at the same time.

    If you have a track record of signing up for TB Family Free, you can sign up for the plan again.