Smart [Home] Security Cam
Enjoy full-HD live images of your home anytime anywhere!

About the Plan

Keeps an eye on your home, providing full-HD live images!

Rates and

Service Charges

Plans 3-Year contract 2-Year Contract 1-Year Contract No Contract
Service charge KRW 4,400 KRW 5,500 KRW 6,600 KRW 8,800

Equipment Selling Price

Plans 36 months 24 months 12 months One-time payment
Monthly Installment KRW 6,600 KRW 9,350 KRW 17,600 KRW 203,500
  • You can choose to pay in full or in Monthly installments for the CCTV device.

Main Features

Real-time monitoring with full HD resolution of 2 million pixels Emergency call (112 and 119) function

Real-time monitoring and recording
  • Allows you to monitor your home in real time via the smartphone app.
  • Records images with full HD resolution of 2 million pixels.
Moving into four directions
  • Touch the arrow on the app, and the camera will rotate from left to right by 345 degrees and up and down by 110 degrees
Emergency Alarm and Emergency Calls
  • If you witness emergency situations on the app screen, press the Alarm button to send off alarm sound.
  • You can make emergency calls (112, 119, and other listed numbers) on the app.
Interactive Voice Communications
  • Interactive communications are available through the Speak and Listen buttons on the application
Image Saving
  • When motions are detected, related images are stored in Cloud(for 30 days).
  • The SD card in the back can record 24/7
Motion and Sound Detection
  • If you set the break-in detection, the system automatically saves 30 seconds before and after the motion sensed.
  • Other per-set options are available such as protection perimeter zoning and push notice.