Basic Plan
Recommended for customers who use home phone from time to time
KRW 2,200 per month
Tax included

About the Plan

The VoIP service provides call quality equal to home phones and at the same rate for local and long-distance calls. It also offers an international call service at an affordable rate when using 005 Special Pricing.

Monthly Fee(Tax included)

Plans No
Area 1 (250,000 population or more) KRW 4,950 KRW 3,300 KRW 2,200 KRW 1,100
Area 2 (less than 250,000 population) KRW 3,850 KRW 3,300 KRW 2,200 KRW 1,100
TB Bundle Discount*reference KRW 2,475 (Based on Area 1) KRW 1,650 KRW 1,100 KRW 550
  • Retail customers only are eligible to subscribe the mobile discount plan.

Call Rate

Service Basic Mobile Discount Plan Remarks
Local / long distance KRW 41.8/3 min KRW 41.8/3 min  
Mobile KRW 12.87/10 sec KRW 7.975/10 sec Applicable when bundling with SKT mobile
International call* KRW 55/1 sec KRW 55/1 sec  
VoIP 070 KRW KRW  
SMS KRW 16.5/ message KRW 16.5/ message  

Installation Fee

Service fee Conditions for Exemption
Phone only Bundling with Internet
Initial set-up KRW 11,000 KRW 6,600  
Moving / changing KRW 11,000 KRW 6,600
  • For customers who have used B phone for over three years
  • For customers who have used B internet for over three years and move or change installation of internet and phone

Please Note

  • 070 number customers can keep their phone numbers anywhere in the nation, but others cannot keep their previous phone number when the call area is changed.
  • The service cannot be offered when the power goes out or is cut off from the device.
  • Fax service is available only when fax machine supports VoIP fax function.
  • 005 Special Pricing is applicable when you dial out international call code 005. (The pricing is not applied when you use other international call codes.)
  • Emergency calls (such as 119 and 112) can be restricted if you do not apply for the moving installation service.
  • Conditions that are not described or specified here follow general notes for subscription and termination.
  • VoIP calls cannot be made if your internet connectivity is disrupted due to a power outage or other reasons.