B tv Pricing Plans
Select your B tv plan according to your channel preference
KRW 13,200 per month
Based on Smart Plus, Tax included

About the Plan

Real-time TV broadcast and VODs, available for your viewing

Monthly Fee(Tax included)

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Plans No Contract 1-Year Contract 2-Year Contract 3-Year Contract 3-Year Contract
bundled with B internet
B tv Prime Catch-on
(B tv Prime + Catch-on monthly flat rate)
KRW 30,800 KRW 29,700 KRW 27,500 KRW 24,200 KRW 22,000
B tv Prime
(All channels)
KRW 24,200 KRW 23,100 KRW 20,900 KRW 17,600 KRW 15,400
B tv Smart Plus
( channels such as golf/sports and global channels)
KRW 22,000 KRW 20,900 KRW 18,700 KRW 15,400 KRW 13,200
B tv New Smart
( channels such as sports, golf, films and drama channels)
KRW 20,900 KRW 19,800 KRW 17,600 KRW 14,300 KRW 12,100
B tv Basic
( channels such as drama and entertainment channels)
KRW 16,500 KRW 15,400 KRW 14,300 KRW 12,100 KRW 9,900
B tv Choice
( a la carte channels; At least one Channel Pack (paid) should be subscribed.)
About Channel Packs
KRW 11,000 KRW 9,900 KRW 8,800 KRW 6,600 KRW 6,600
  • B tv offers over 85,000 VODs.
  • * The number of channels includes UHD exclusive channels.

STB Rental Fee(Tax included)

Set-top Box No Contract 1-Year Contract 2-Year Contract 3-Year Contract
Premium UHD KRW 9,900 KRW 7,700 KRW 5,500 KRW 4,400
Smart KRW 8,800 KRW 6,600 KRW 4,400 KRW 3,300
Basic KRW 7,700 KRW 5,500 KRW 3,300 KRW 2,200
  • The rental fee for individual STB is waived five years after the beginning of the rental.

Installation Fee(Tax included)

Initial Installation Fee
Service Free
TV only KRW 22,000
With broadband/ multiple devices KRW 13,200

Moving/Changing Installation

Service Outside Home Inside Home
TV only KRW 22,000 KRW 11,000
With broadband / multiple devices KRW 13,200 KRW 6,600

Channel Packs(Tax included)

B tv Channel Package I & Monthly Fee

Plan No contract 1-Year Contract 2-Year Contract 3-Year Contract
B tv Choice
(Selection of a la carte channels at an affordable price)
KRW 11,000 KRW 9,900 KRW 8,800 KRW 6,600
  • Film/Series Pack (11 channels)
    OCN, Mplex, Super Action, OtvN, Screen and others
  • Sports/Leisure Pack (11 channels)
    SPOTV, SPOTV2, IB Sports, Baduk TV and others
  • Life Pack (11 channels)
    Tooniverse, Animmax, Anione, Kids Talk Talk, and others
  • Foreign Language/Culture Pack (11 channels)
    Arte TV, YTN Seience, ArirangTV and others
  • Global Pack1 (9 channels)
    A variety of English-language broadcast channels, including Star Sports, CNN US, and BBC World News
  • Global Pack2 (11 channels)
    A variety of Chinese-language broadcast channels, including Chunghwa TV, Ch.Ching, and Ch.China, AsiaN

Monthly fee KRW 1,100 per Pack

at least one Channel Pack to be selected(Paid, Tax included)

B tv Channel Package II & Monthly Fee

B tv Choice + B tv basic

  • Golf Pack (6 channels)
    SBS GOLF, JTBC Golf, Bloomberg TV, CNN international, NGC, NHK World Premium
  • Sports+ Pack (6 channels)
    SBS Sports, MBC Sports+ KBSN Sports, MBC QueeN, KBS W, MBC NET

Monthly fee KRW 2,200 per Pack

Please Note

  • When the service is terminated during the committed period, an early termination fee equivalent to the discounted equipment rental fee, as well as service fees for the balance of lease fee, can be payable.
  • The above fees are payable in addition to the service fees of broadband and phone.
  • Our TV service is not available in some areas. For details please call our Customer Center 106.