Enjoy B tv with four times higher resolution than that of broadcasts
UHD STB Rental Fee KRW 4,400 per month
Based on 3-year contract, Tax included

What is the

The service supports real-time broadcasts and VODs in UHD, four times clearer resolution than that HD broadcasts, presenting an enriched viewing experience as if you were in a movie theater.

Features of

  • UHD exclusive channels: Real-time broadcasts produced in UHD
  • UHD exclusive VOD section: VOD content produced in UHD
  • Earphone remote control: Enjoy listening to the sound without disturbances from ambient noises
  • Earphone service for all family members

    Allows up to four people to enjoy audio via smartphones while watching contents on STB without disturbing other family members with noises. The convenient service also helps you enjoy listening to a vivid soundtrack or music.

  • Multiview Mode: Watch four different channels at once

    Enjoy four simultaneous channels on one TV screen in Full HD (Use My Menu to choose the four channels to watch)

    The Multiview mode is available for sports, home shopping, terrestrial TV broadcasts and films.

  • Voice Search: Allows faster and convenient search with dictation

    A convenient voice search is available by pressing the Voice Search Button on the remote control.

    The service helps you search content, change channels, search menu and conduct other special functions by asking.
    └ Content search: Say “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator”
    └ Channel search: Say “SBS” or ‘Channel 5’
    └ Menu change: Say
    └ “B tv, weekend drama” (Say “B tv” before you name the menu you want.)
    └ STB control: Say “B tv, turn up the volume.” (Say “B tv” before you name the function you want. Controlling volume, channel and power on/off is only available.)

  • Link Between B tv and NUGU (SKT AI speaker)

    B tv UHD STB offers functions and services as follows through NUGU:
    └ B tv power on/off, B tv volume up/down, B tv mute on/off, B tv channel up/down, B tv turn on JTBC, B tv go to Chanel 15, B tv pause/ keep playing / stop, etc.

    Download NUGU application from Google Play Store or App Store, install the application. And then, call 106 to add NUGU function on your STB and link B tv UHD STB to the function to use the service


HD STB Remote Control

STB Rental Fee(Tax included)

Service No contract 1-Year Contract 2-Year Contract 3-Year Contract
Premium UHD STB KRW 9,900 KRW 7,700 KRW 5,500 KRW 4,400
  • The rental fee for individual STB is waived five years after the beginning of the rental.
  • he above is STB rental fees only, and B tv base charge is payable depending on your plan.