B Internet

The fastest and most reliable connectivity in korea

SK Broadband provides Giga Internet at speeds of 500 Mbps, five times faster than conventional optical LAN, and Giga Wi-Fi at 1 Gbps

Giga Internet

Provides Internet service at speeds of 500 Mbps, five times faster than conventional broadband networks, and at even lower prices when combined with TV and phone services. Giga Internet is a new Internet service that offers unprecedented speeds to power users who enjoy movies, music and a wide variety of contents on the Internet.

Fiber Lan

Fiber Lan is an economic way to enjoy the Internet at speeds of 100 Mbps, through a fast and stable fiber-optic network that extends all the way to housing complexes and individual residences, without any extra modem rental fees.


100 Mbps optical LAN service for mid-to-small office environments, providing optional service to 5 to 10 computers. Unauthorized computers are blocked from Internet access, providing a stable network environment that is suited to customers concerned about network security in the office, or customers who require a fixed IP at an affordable price. Offered in two service types (Basic and Premium).


Giga Wi-Fi provides wired LAN Internet at speeds of 1 Gbps. A wireless AP can be used to extend the service to notebook computers or smartphones, making it suitable for residences with several computers. Uses improved security measures for customer authorization to provide stable service and prevent leaks of personal information.

Internet Value Added Services

Our Smart Rental service offers affordable rentals on the latest models of TVs and desktop and notebook computers. Many other extra features are provided with our Internet services as well, including parental block controls, integrated PC management, remote-access computer maintenance and home monitoring features.