• September
    • Commercialized the “Smart Sign Language Broadcast” service for the first time on IPTV
  • August
    • Launched the AI2 set-top box
  • July
    • The number of B tv subscribers exceeded 5 million
  • June
    • Selected as an “Exemplary Corporation for the Korean Emission Trading System” hosted by the Ministry of Environment
  • April
    • Launched “B tv x FitDay” an IPTV home training service
  • March
    • Appointed Park Jung-ho as President and CEO
    • Ranked no. 1 in the National Customer Satisfaction Index (ninth consecutive year in the high-speed internet, IPTV categories)
    • Launched “Play Songs Home” a home-schooling service for infants on B tv
    • Launched the Cloud PC service
  • February
    • Developed a 5GB transmission solution using LAN cables
  • January
    • Launched “B&Caps” a collaborative communication+security product with ADT Caps