SK broadband IDC provides reliable and efficient service with advanced facility and network management know-how.

Target Customer

  • An enterprise customer who wants its computer room to be independently outsourced and reliably operated.
  • An enterprise customer such as internet broadcast and online game who needs high internet bandwidth.
  • An enterprise customer such as online banking, securities, and shopping who wants highly secured and reliable server operation.
  • An enterprise customer who is experiencing difficulties in providing its service with existing internet network services.

Service Advantage

  • High speed access environment by direct connection from customer server to giga class backbone network
  • Reduced cost with outsourcing (Rent fee, 24 hr management labor cost)
  • Managing customer equipment 24/7/365
  • NMS(Outage monitoring, Network Management System) applied
  • Immediate outage response and optimal performance maintenance

Colocation Type

Type Spec Price
Co-location Standard Rack 1/4 Rck
1/2 Rck
Full Rck
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Cage Sliver Cage
Gold Cage
Network Shared 10M/S
Dedicated 10M/D
Giga Volume Rate Under 200M
Over 200M ~ Under 300M
Over 300M ~Under 400M
Over 400M ~ Under 500M
Over 500M ~ Under 600M
Over 600M ~ Under 800M
Over 800M ~ Under 1G

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