Smart Hands Service


Smart hands service is an entrusted operation service provided for customer’s computing environment by outsourced IT professionals providing reliable and stable operation in 24/7/365. The service is tailored per each customer through comprehensive service including equipment management, analysis and operation.

Service Type

Type Service offer Service feature Target Customer
  • CPU monitoring
  • Memory monitoring
  • N/W monitoring
  • Service monitoring
  • Process monitoring
  • System resource monitoring
Directly access to customer’s system Noticing abnormalities to customer upon monitoring results Small and medium sized business
  • Include Basic
  • Management/Control
  • Data backup
  • O.S/App Install, Patch, Update
Immediate outage response and operation management by accessing customer’s system Medium and large sized business
  • Include Silver
  • Maintenance service
  • Security (IDS/FW operation) service
  • System Tuning
  • DBA service
  • Rental service (Server, N/W, S/W)
Computer room operating business

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