Audit Committee


The Committee shall consist of at least three directors by the resolution of the Board of Directors, and at least two thirds of the Committee members shall be outside directors.

Name Position
Kim, Son-gu Professor, Department of Economics of Seoul National University
Nam, Chan-sun Outside director, SK Broadband
Oh, Yoon Professor, Hanyang University School of Law

Responsibilities & Authority

  • Audit the accounting and operations of the Company.
  • Demand directors to report operation results, and examine the operations and asset status of the Company.
  • Report to the Board of Directors any violation of laws, rules or the Articles of Incorporation by directors.
  • Investigate the agenda and documents that directors will submit to the meeting of shareholders, and state opinions in the meeting of shareholders.
  • Review the audit report by external auditors, internal transactions, and other relevant matters.
  • Call an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders if deemed necessary.

Access to Business Information

  • The Committee members shall attend Board of Directors meetings with the authority to be briefed on the company's business operations.
  • Senior executives shall review relevant documents, electronically presented to them for final approval with the possibility of critically affecting the company's business operations, only after allowing the auditors to access them.
  • The Committee shall demand that executive officers present it with information it considers relevant to its regular and special audit work.