TB Family Free
Bundle with more SKT mobile lines, get bigger discount
KRW 11,000 discount in total
(Giga Internet + SK Telecom Mobile 1 line, Tax included)

Monthly Fee(Tax included)

Plans Mobile 1 line Mobile 2 line Mobile 3 line Mobile 4 line
Giga Premium X10 KRW -7,700 KRW -8,800 KRW -9,900 KRW -11,000
Giga Premium X5
Giga Premium X2.5
Giga Premium
Giga Internet
Giga Internet Lite
Smart Direct KRW -3,300 KRW -4,400 KRW -5,500 KRW -6,600
SK Telecom You will be eligible for a KRW 3,300 discount on charges for a mobile phone registered under the same name as the internet service
Each mobile phone number bundled with the plan will be eligible for the LTE Safe Option or 500MB of data
  • LTE Safe Option is an add-on that offers unlimited data usage at 400kbps when you exceed your allowed data limit.
    (KRW 5,500 per month / incl. tax)
  • You can enjoy the same discounts with WiFi bundle plans.

Terms and Conditions of Service

  • You must be a private user to subscribe to these offers.
  • You must be a new customer signing up for SK Broadband’s internet service for the first time. If you are an existing SK Broadband user, you can bundle your plans once your current contract expires.
  • You can bundle your internet and mobile phones for your family if your internet plan and the main family member for your SKT mobile phone plans are registered under the same name.
  • You can bundle your mobile phone with the following family members: Spouse, direct descendant, direct ancestor, brothers/sisters, son-in-law, and daughter-in-law.
  • If you temporarily suspend your internet service, you will receive a discount for the exact number of days you have used your internet service for the month prior to the temporary suspension. (If you have temporarily suspended your mobile phone for less than 30 days, it will not affect the total discount amount you are eligible for)
  • You will not be eligible for our bundle discount offers if you do not meet the terms of the bundle discount e.g. termination of SK Broadband services, change of product plan, etc. (You must subscribe to a bundle product with the same family members)
  • You can subscribe with Home bundle products, and enjoy larger discounts compared to other discount offers.
  • If you terminate your mobile phone service in the middle of the month, you will receive a discount on the exact number of days you have used your mobile phone.
  • Please contact the customer center (106, no area code required) for more details regarding the specific terms and conditions when bundling products, etc.

Please Note

  • If you terminate or temporarily suspend your main mobile phone number, your bundle plan will be terminated as well.
  • If you change the name of the customer featured in the bundle plan, your bundle plan will be terminated automatically.
  • Even if you terminate your bundle plan within the contract period, SK Broadband will not charge a termination fee. (equivalent to the sum amount of savings offered through the bundle discount)
  • You can add more mobile phones belonging to other family members after you have subscribed to a bundle plan.
  • Once you subscribe, you will not be eligible for the “Long-term subscription discount” and “Rainbow Points” offer for mobile phones. Also, your new subscription period shall not count towards the subscription period for “Long-term subscription discount” offers and “T Family Free discount” offers.
  • You will be eligible to re-bundle a mobile phone if you have records of previously using the TB Family Free plan.