Family Plan
Offers an additional discount to the internet service when bundled with SKT
KRW 18,810 per month
Based on Giga Internet bundled with 2 SKT mobile, Tax included

About the Plan

The plan provides additional discounts to broadband internet and T mobile base charges for Internet customers who sign up to bundle the service with their T mobile.

If you bundle the internet with SKT mobile, you can save as follow:

  • Up to KRW 13,310 discount to internet base charge (Tax included)
  • Up to KRW 25,300 discount to internet base charge (Tax included, based on bounding with five lines)

Monthly Fee(Tax included,
based on 3-year contract)

Internet Mobile Phone Base Charge Discounts Sum
Internet Mobile Phone
Smart Direct 2lines
(Band Data Perfect or above)
KRW -5,610 KRW -5,500
(KRW -14,300)
KRW -11,110
(KRW -19,910)
3~5lines KRW -16,500 KRW -22,110
Giga Internet Lite 2lines KRW -11,110 KRW -5,500 KRW -16,610
3lines KRW -16,500 KRW -27,610
4~5lines KRW -22,000 KRW -33,110
Giga Premium X10,
Giga Premium X5,
Giga Premium X2.5,
Giga Premium,
Giga integrated
2lines KRW -13,310 KRW -5,500 KRW -18,810
3lines KRW -16,500 KRW -29,810
4lines KRW -22,000 KRW -35,310
5lines KRW -25,300 KRW -38,610
  • The benefits described above are applied based on the number of bundled T mobile lines and to the groups that maintain the Family Plan service. The suspension period of the Internet service is not included in calculating discounts.
  • The discount amount differs in tandem with the committed term of the Internet. (2-Year contract: 50% of the discounts; 1-Year contract: 25% of the discounts described above)
  • For Smart Direct customers who bundle four mobile lines or more and a second Internet line, KRW 10,000 discount is provided for the second Internet line.
    • Mobile phone rate discount

      The discount can be applied to one member of your family or evenly shared by all family members

    • If customers bundle three lines or more, including a band 3.5G line, 200MB Family Sharing Data will be provided each month

Please Note

  • How to sign up for Family Plan

    If you want to sign up for the plan, please call the Customer Center, go to a SKB vendor/ T World shop, or visit to a branch.

  • How to add mobile lines to the bundled TB Family Free group

    After you sign up for TB Family Free, you can add mobile lines to your family group.