Giga WiFi
A three times faster speed, two times broader coverage
KRW 3,300 per month
Based on 3-Year contract, Tax included

About the Plan

Our premium Giga WiFi supports 802.11ac, the latest WiFi technology standard, to provide wired and wireless Internet for smartphones, tablet PCs and laptops, desktops at maximum speeds of 867Mbps.

  • 80MHz ultra-band Giga Wi-Fi At 3-10 times faster speed
    Applies 80MHz ultra-network with channel bonding at 867Mbps, 3-10 times faster than conventional broadband networks.
  • Across every corner at home Two-fold broader coverage than other networks
    Seamless wireless Internet access thanks to enhanced transmission power
  • A perfect smart mobile environment Provision of a high-performance premium device
    High-tech CPU optimized for latest smartphones and support for 802.11ac

Monthly Fee(Tax included)

Plans 3-Year Contract 2-Year Contract 1-Year Contract No contract
Giga Wi-Fi KRW 3,300 KRW 5,500 KRW 7,700 KRW 9,900
Giga Wi-Fi Dual
(add 1 WiFi)
KRW 2,200 KRW 4,400 KRW 6,600
  • The AP rental fee is waived when the committed period ends.

Discount(Based on 3-Year contract,
Tax included)

Plans Smart Direct(Optical LAN) Giga Premium / Giga Internet /
Giga Internet Lite
Giga WiFi KRW 2,475 KRW 1,650
B tv + Giga WiFi KRW 2,200
(B tv Lite or less)
KRW 1,650
(B tv All or above)
KRW 1,100
(B tv Lite or less)
(B tv All or above)
  • Bundle discount is not applied to Giga WiFi Dual service.

Installation Fee (Tax included)

  • The service fee includes all installation fees.
  • The WiFi service fee is KRW 11,000.
  • No WiFi service fees if you sign up/transfer/change with our internet service.

Device Design

We offer a high-performance AP applied with SK’s Smart Edge Design.

Specification Details
Max. Speed Wireless 867Mbps
Wired 1Gbps
Technology Standard 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
(supports 2.4 & 5GHz Dual-band)
Wireless Output 20dBm
Main Memory 128MB

Please Note

  • About Subscription and Use

    Giga Wi-Fi supports a maximum wireless speed of 867Mbps for Giga Internet.

    You may sign a three-year contract for Giga WiFi, separate from the term contract of B internet services.

    SK Telecom or SK Broadband Internet customers only are eligible to subscribe to Giga WiFi.

    If you cancel a line of our Internet service as well as Giga WiFi during their contract term, an early termination fee will be payable.

    The WiFi device will be collected if the service is cancelled, and additional charges are payable in certain circumstances, including lost or destroyed device for reasons stemming from your act ions or neglect in the use of the device.

    The WiFi service speed may differ depending on home environment and conditions, and device performance.

  • About Bundle Discount

    Customers who have newly subscribed to Giga WiFi since July 11, 2016 are eligible for the offers.

    The discount rate for Optical LAN customers stands at 50% compared to that of Giga Internet customers.

    The monthly discount amount is subject to changes in tandem with the bundling status.

    If you cancel a line of our Internet service as well as Giga WiFi during their contract term, an early termination fee will be payable.

    When the service is terminated during the committed period, an early termination fee equivalent to the service fees for the balance of the committed period will be payable.

  • About Wi-Fi Security

    WiFi technology has some security vulnerabilities, and SK Broadband has no liability, obligation, or responsibility for any security-related issues arising during the use of the service.