Smart Direct
100M broadband service at an affordable price
KRW 22,000 per month
Based on 3-Year contract, Tax included

About the Plan

Offers a way to enjoy the Internet at 100Mbps at an affordable price.

Monthly Fee(Tax included)

Plans 3-Year contract 2-Year contract 1-Year contract No contract
Smart Direct
(Optical LAN)
KRW 22,000 KRW 29,700 KRW 31,900 KRW 36,300
Smart Direct + Giga WiFi KRW 23,100 KRW 35,200 KRW 39,600 KRW 46,200

Discount Amount(Based on 3-Year contract, Tax included)

Plans Bundle with Discount amount Fee
Internet WiFi bundle
Home Bundle Plans Home phone KRW 1,100 KRW 20,900 KRW 23,100
B tv (Basic or more) KRW 2,200 KRW 19,800 KRW 22,000
TB Family Free SK Telecom 1 line KRW 3,300 KRW 18,700 KRW 19,800
Family Plan 2 line or more KRW 5,610 KRW 16,390 KRW 17,490
  • The above rates apply to monthly internet charges. B tv and telephone charges shall be charged by SK Broadband separately.
  • Please refer to the bundle products menu or our terms and conditions of service for more details.

Installation fee (Tax included)

Service Installation fee Remarks
Internet KRW 27,500

KRW 25,300 per month if you bundle with our B tv or B tv+phone plans*Reference

KRW 22,000 per month if you bundle with our phone plan

KRW 11,000 per month for each additional phone line (second line and onwards) if you open two or more lines at the same location under the same user name.

WiFi KRW 11,000

You can use additional phone lines for free if you bundle with our internet plan

  • If you joined SK Broadband prior to December 1, 2019, you will be charged a service fee of KRW 22,000.
  • The service fee includes all installation fees.
  • If you change your plan to a WiFi bundle plan, you will be charged two separate service fees - for internet and for Wi-Fi.
    (If you already have internet service or WiFi service and the required equipment, you will be charged a service fee for the additional product only)

Rental Fee (Tax included)

3-Year Contract 2-Year Contract 1-Year Contract No contract
No charge KRW 1,100 KRW 2,200 KRW 3,300
  • The equipment rental fee is waived for 3-Year Contract customers, but if the service contract is terminated during the commitment period, an early termination fee equivalent to the service fees for the balance of the committed period is payable.

Please Note

  • Welfare discount or wired and wireless bundling discount can be applicable on top of the term contract discount.
  • However, welfare discount, wired and wireless bundling discount, and home bundling discount cannot be overlapped with each other.