005 SMS
Convenient and quality international SMS service
005 SMS KRW 110
Tax included

About the

A convenient service to send international text messages via mobile phone or the Internet when international calls cannot be connected due to time difference, you need to send an urgent message, or you just want to drop a simple message to request email check or to say hello.

Calling Rates(Tax included)

  • Rates

    KRW 110/message (Incl. tax)

    The single rate is applied across all nations regardless of time.

    Additional discount can be applicable when you use SKB affiliated cards.

How to Use

  1. 005

    International Call code

  2. 1

    Country code

  3. 123-456-789

    Destination mobile phone number

  • Press + 005 + Country code + Destination mobile phone number (overseas).
  • For details, call our Customer Center 106.

Please Note

About message typing

  • As text is converted to image, the receiver can view text messages typed in Korean on mobile phone.
  • You can type text messages in Korean and send them on your mobile phone.
  • The message can be transmitted only when the receiver’s mobile phone supports the function to receive MMS. If not, the message may not be transmitted.
  • Some service providers send a text message to receivers who do not use MMS to check the message on their website.

About sending text messages via mobile phone

  • Only mobile phone users can receive international SMS in other countries.
  • If you do not enter the receiver’s phone number correctly, the message will be sent to the wrong person or not be transmitted at all.
  • Even when message transmission is completed, receivers might not be able to check the message when they are in a blocked area or have turned off their mobile phone.
  • Overseas service providers resend the failed message for 24 hours as local providers do.

    The service might be limited in some countries due to the restriction in the number of digits that you can press on old versions of mobile phones.

  • ou may check whether the service country, the service provider and your phone limit the number of digits you can press before sending international text messages.

Service nations and providers

  • Text messages in Korean:
    In Japan, the Korean SMS service is only available for Vodafone users. We will continue to expand service countries and service providers.
    Details on service available countries >