Affordable and convenient international calls
00761/00762 China KRW 72.6/min
Tax included

About the

An affordable and convenient international call service is available when pressing international call code 00761/00762 on your mobile phone or home phone anywhere across the nation without any subscription procedure, with a text message sent to inform usage details right after the call is over.

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Country Name Country Code 00761/00762 Standard Type
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  • Discount Period

    Weekday: 00:00 ~ 06:00

    Holiday/Sunday: 00:00 ~ 24:00c

How to Use

  1. 00761

    International Call code

  2. 1

    Country code (USA)

  3. 213

    Area code (LA)

  4. 123-4567

    Destination mobile phone number

  • For details call our Customer Center 106.