Basic Plan
Recommended for customers who use home phone from time to time
KRW 1,100 per month
Based on 3-year contract,Tax included

About the Plan

A landline phone service that provides voice call and value added services through high quality networks and advanced equipment.

Monthly Fee(Tax included)

Plans 3-Year Contract 2-Year Contract 1-Year Contract No Contract
Monthly Base Charge KRW 1,100 KRW 2,200 KRW 3,300 KRW 4,950
  • Rate for users residing in a city with a population of 250,000 or less (per installed address): KRW 3,850 (no contract)

Call Rate (Tax included)

Plans Weekday Call Rate Holiday Call Rate
Local Calls 08:00~21:00 KRW 42.90/180sec 00:00~24:00 KRW 42.90/258sec
KRW 42.90/258sec
Mobile Calls 08:00~21:00 KRW 15.95/10sec 06:00~24:00 KRW 15.095/10sec
KRW 15.095/10sec
00:00~06:00 KRW 14.19/10sec 00:00~06:00 KRW 14.19/10sec
Calls from VoIP 00:00~24:00 KRW 51.70/180sec 00:00~24:00 KRW 51.70/180sec

Installation Fee(Tax included)

Fee Remarks
KRW 22,000 KRW 13,200 per month if you bundle with our internet plan
No service fees if you install with our internet, TV plans
  • The service fee includes all installation fees.

Please Note

  • Please note that SK Broadband will charge a termination fee (equivalent to the sum amount of savings offered through the bundle
    discount) if you terminate your contract within the originally agreed-upon contract period.